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SEL day 2022

EXPLORE When is SEL day? This Friday, March 11, 2022. Learn more and sign up to participate at What are the CASEL core competencies? These interrelated key areas will help integrate social emotional learning into individual lives and within communities. Learn more at LEARN TWO WAYS TO INTEGRATE SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING INTO YOUR LESSON DESIGN. Explicit. Reach the hearts and minds of your learners with direct instruction that focuses on social emotional learn...


Teach Identity with HyperDocs

To see a free collection of Identity HyperDocs, explore here. IDENTITY ANCHOR STANDARDS The Social Justice Standards described below from Learning for Justice: The Social Justice Standards are a road map for anti-bias education at every stage of K–12 instruction. Comprised of anchor standards and age-appropriate learning outcomes, the Standards provide a common language and organizational structure educators can use to guide curriculum development and make schools more just and equitab...


Bring Poetry Alive with these Digital Lessons

The recent work of Amanda Gorman has re-inspired the education community to focus on poetry instruction. April is National Poetry Month, but there is a place in the curriculum all year long for this important genre. In Dead Poet’s Society, we ponder, “what will your verse be?” TEN BENEFITS OF TEACHING POETRY (list created by Sarah Landis) Poetry often illuminates the author’s voice, and so shines a light on inner expression! (Think Langston Hughes to Jason Rey...