7 Free HyperDocs Workshops from the Adobe for Education Summit 2021

We were honored to partner with Adobe in July of 2021 to super-charge the annual Adobe for Education Summit hosted as a live, virtual event free to all participants. HyperDocs are where creativity meets pedagogy and thanks to the amazing tools Adobe makes for students, it has never been easier to infuse your lessons with innovation at every layer.

Here you will find 7 Free HyperDocs sessions from the summit that cover topics like HyperDocs basics, equity and inclusion, and digital lesson design best practices. We hope you enjoy!




Discover The Creative Teacher In You

Staying inspired to inspire: Are you looking to re-energize that spark of creativity that brings you the energy to teach? Join this fun and intentional session-- to discover how inspired lesson design can spark joy and bring out your creative side. Pedagogy, Adobe Spark






Lesson Design Through the Eyes of Our Students

How can we reach the hearts and minds of all students? HyperDocs will share the ways that lesson design can support the range of variable learners in any classroom with strategies for SEL, UDL, and trauma-informed instruction. HyperDocs, pedagogy, Adobe Spark






Learning Gains- Reflections from Teaching and Learning in a Pandemic

Through the chaos of shifting systems for teaching and learning, so many positive outcomes occurred. Let’s take time to reflect on the learning gains for students and educators in order to move forward, bringing best practices into our post-pandemic classrooms. Pedagogy, Leading through Creativity






HyperDocs: Building Digital lessons for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

HyperDocs honors the diversity of your students: Through creative technology, optimize the potential to create equitable and inclusive learning experiences for every variable learner in your classroom. Learn from expert HyperDoc designers who will share their lessons and tips for creating your own digital lessons for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Pedagogy, HyperDocs






Creative Assessments that Reach All Learners with HyperDocs

Inspire students to show what they know by integrating creativity into assessment. Learn how HyperDocs provide a scaffolded experience that leads to empowering students to creatively illustrate their multi-dimensional depth of knowledge of content. Assessment, HyperDocs, Adobe Spark






Remix that HyperDoc: Teachers as Designers, Not Assigners

Come experience a HyperDoc lesson that engages your individual creative strengths-- Then, prepare to remix a lesson and revise it for your very own classroom! Throughout this inspiring, hands-on workshop we will demonstrate how to borrow creative ideas from others, while also elevating your own lesson design style! HyperDoc, pedagogy, Adobe Spark






Digital Lessons that Spark Creativity for Students

This interactive session will allow you to experience the levels of creativity that can enhance or hinder learning for your students. Join in to identify key components to creating lessons that bring out the unique talents in all students. Adobe Spark, HyperDocs, pedagogy

Author: HyperDocs Admin 21-08-2021