How to End a Year Like No Other


​​Lessons In Strength From My 11 Year Old — Badass Lady Gang

How are you getting to the finish line? Crawling, falling, racing, rejoicing?! Either way, you made it. Breathe that in. You got yourself and your students through a year of learning - during a global pandemic.



This End of Year Checklist (2 pages long) will help you wrap up your classroom and prepare for your well-earned summer vacation.  Ideas and resources provided in this checklist tool will help you and your students to: 

  • Give Thanks
  • Say Goodbye
  • Celebrate
  • Create Keepsakes
  • Close Up
  • Look Ahead 

We have curated a collection of digital opportunities for you to bring a sense of closure to this unique school year. This (updated!) collection will include HyperDoc lessons to: reflect on the year, manage transitions, host a reimagined field day, or just have some good ol’ fashioned end of the year fun - whatever your current classroom setting might be! 

Please remember that not all HyperDoc lessons will be ready for you to use right away. Check out the links within the lesson to be sure it is appropriate for your students. You’ll also want to give credit to the original HyperDoc designer when you remix. Changing some of the content/wording will be necessary for remote learning. Also, remember to have fun! 

With all the sudden shifts to teaching and learning, we sincerely hope you find a sense of closure to this year of pandemic schooling. Recognize the ways you have grown as an educator - whether you learned new tech tools, resilience strategies, how to create an at home learning station, or simply how to show up for kids no matter how exhausted or unmotivated you were feeling. We see the growth and progress you have made. We also acknowledge and honor the students who have had a difficult learning environment throughout this pandemic and realize that this ending does not need to be “happy.” We just wish to bring effective closure. 


  • What will have staying power in your classroom? Read this Edutopia article 
  • If you find that you are defending yourself and your students to anyone who claims there has been significant "learning loss," you might refer them to this small example of learning GAINED! Check out our school district's Student Digital Film Festival that highlights student creativity at it's finest! 
  • Student Reflection to end the year (video) - Matt Miller and Holly Clark
Author: HyperDocs Admin 25-05-2021