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That means students, teachers and administrators too! Why creativity for all? Because creativity brings joy. And if there is one thing that we all need after the last few years as educators is a little extra joy in our lives. So for some creativity inspiration, HyperDocs is partnering with the original creative EdTech tool -- Adobe.  We love teaming up with Adobe because creativity is at the heart of their mission and product. One of our goals within our HyperDocs community is to inspire teachers to fall in love with lesson design. Lesson plans will never ‘go away’ from instruction, but how can a teacher stay creative in that lesson design? 

HyperDocs are the perfect pairing for any tool. Consider some of your favorite things that go together well … peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs, milk and cookies. Have you considered the pairing of HyperDocs and Adobe?! The perfect pairing for CREATIVITY! 

OUR FEATURE SESSION  at Adobe Education Summit: 4 HyperDoc Lessons to Inspire Your Adobe Express Classroom

One of the things we have discovered about creativity and lesson design is that creativity can evolve over time. When a teacher reuses a particular webtool, the creativity can take shape in multiple ways. Adobe allows the student (or teacher!) to create graphics, posters, videos, gif’s and more. The number of options alone will encourage the designer to revisit time and time again -- tapping into new creativity each time! 

When you first introduce an Adobe Express tool to students, you may have them explore with low-cognitive load content like an ‘All About Me’ poster. The next time you use an Adobe Express tool, you might invite students to create a synthesis or summary of learning. Then you might feel students are ready to create a more complex graphic like an infographic about a unit they’ve studied. Next, you’ll find students ready to develop their own video explaining their learning. The complexity of tool options can easily change according to the varied content you are teaching or how you want students to show their learning. Creativity unleashed with one tool -- time and time again! 

Designing with layers in mind will allow you to meet the various learning needs of all your students.  Join us to envision a yearlong plan for elevating content standards with the power of Adobe Express. 

We invite you to join HyperDocs and Adobe at the Adobe Education Summit 2022 from July 26 - 28.

This free professional learning opportunity will be sure to spark some joy and creativity!


How will you cultivate your own creativity and the creativity of your students and community? For inspiration - consider teaching with this HyperDoc, Cultivate Craft, Celebrate Creativity.

For a deeper look into strategies for cultivating craft and celebrating creativity, watch this session with HyperDocs and Adobe.


If you don’t want to wait for the Adobe Education Summit, start playing with the tools now and join one of the recent creativity challenges HERE.

How can you incorporate this activity into a HyperDoc lesson? We have ideas and free HyperDocs at our June 27th session! 

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Author: HyperDocs Admin 09-07-2022