Workflow: What's Working


You’ve designed your HyperDoc lesson… now what? 
Workflow refers to the process where your digital lesson passes from initiation to completion. 

Do any of these sound familiar to you: Where do I link this? How do I login to that? Where can I post that? Do students get a copy? How can I push that out? Where will students turn in their work? How can I communicate with kids and give feedback? Whether or not you are new to teaching with HyperDocs, you will want to consider the workflow options to help you design up front. And no matter what your teaching scenario looks like these days, we are confident that you have considered some of the challenges related to workflow. What you do before, during, and after a HyperDoc lesson will depend on the workflow architecture you design. What decisions will you make and why? How will your pedagogy reflect in how you link students to their work, connect, and collect their assignment. When we first designed HyperDocs, years ago, we knew that workflow would play a critical role in the delivery of the lesson. As a reminder, you can access this lesson planning tool here


The workflow you decide on matters -- primarily because it becomes the connecting link between you, students, and even families/caregivers. It’s very important to consider the student-facing experience. How you organize and share your lesson can streamline the learning for students, or further confuse them. With so many links, URL’s, windows and tabs, students and at-home learning partners can easily be distracted by the workflow and lose the ability to focus on learning content. 

Stepping back to reflect on workflow, especially during pandemic teaching, we have been thrilled to see students become true agents of their own learning. Students have become independent and are feeling empowered to take charge. We see young learners logging in to Seesaw on their own, and older students managing various Google Classroom streams. Students can navigate multiple tabs to make a copy of a slide and insert it into their personal portfolio. When designing and delivering instruction with HyperDocs, we see workflow as the methods to make the learning both accessible and sensible. 

Watch this video to see how Lisa Highfill incorporates specific workflow techniques into her HyperDocs! 

Now that educators worldwide are teaching remotely, face to face, or in a hybrid model, we believe that your workflow choices are personal to you and your student needs. There is no ‘one way’ or right way to approach workflow.

We encourage you to check out our Workflow Course, which includes multiple lessons to help you consider teaching your HyperDoc from start to finish. Consider these components to help you develop a workflow that is more seamless for you, your students, and the families who support learners at home: 

  • How will you PASS OUT your lesson? 
  • How will you COLLECT your lesson, or have students turn it in? 
  • How do you plan to provide FEEDBACK, if at all? 
  • What will the PACING look like? 
  • How can you INTEGRATE the HyperDoc into your DISTRICT learning management system (LMS)? 


Author: HyperDocs Admin 21-09-2020